Fruits Mania Hayks's

Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's
Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's Fruits Mania Hayk's
Fruits Mania Hayk's
Fruits Mania Hayk's

★ Fruit Mania Hayk's ★ 100 fruit busting levels, Beautiful graphics navigation

Satisfying fruit match free puzzles 🍏 🍌 🍓 🔮⁉️

Play Fruits Mania Hayk's which is the best fruit puzzle game of 2021 !️

Play fruit game free to connect the refreshing fruits and burst them into fruit splash. Match 3 or more same fruits like banana, strawberry, apple and more to explode, earn coins & have fun.

Become a fruits legend completing each level target to unlock more fruit puzzles and go far to play amusing and addictive 100 fruit levels

★ How to Play this Fruits Mania Hayk's game❓

It’s simple like nothing else as you just need to spot and connect the same fruits.

• Just swipe over 3 or 4 same fruits to crush.

★ 6 Brain Boosting Benefits of playing Matching & Memory Games 🧠

1. Improves concentration [while spotting the set of similar fruits]

2. Trains visual memory [to identify separate fruits]

3. Increases short term memory [each move leads to another move]

4. Increases attention to detail [self-explanatory]

5. Improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects

6. Helps to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits [🍏 🍌 🍓]

★ Fruit Mania Hayk's – Some Unique Features at a Glance

• Easy to play fruit crush game ever made 🎇.

• Presents stunning and refreshing fruits 🍏.

• Addictive and engaging background Music 🎵.

• Beautiful graphics and navigation ▶️.

• 100 fruit busting levels and huge amount of fun. 🚦.

• Additional boosters to speed up the fun⏫.

• Super simple voice and music control 🔇.

• Visit shop for huge number of coins in just 1 tap🛍️.

• Play today and explore more features 🔍

★ Fruit Mania - Game levels: 🚦

Enjoy 100 Levels & 1000+ hours of fun. Each level starts with a goal. Level goals are simply the no of matches per fruit. Complete the target to unlock next level to go beyond.

★ Fruit Splash Boosters ⏫

You can use fruit crush boosters to enhance your fruit match entertainment. Crush more fruits to get more coins. Crush fruits in minimum steps to score more. Use boosters to amplify the fruit crush fun.

Some boosters are; 🍭Multi color candy, 🍬 Marmalade, 🔨Hammer, 💣 Color bomb

★Amusing Background Music 🎵

Listening to amusing background music that keeps to engage while you connect and burst sets of fruits

★7 Days Event: 📅

Do you know? 😍Playing this game every day lets you claim more rewards like

★Super Simple Settings:

On main screen you can control the following sounds instantly

• Sound Control

• Music Control

★Fruit pop crush - Lucky Wheel: 🎡

Try your luck with our fruit crusher lucky Spin. Spin the wheel and get rewards be more equipped fruit crush master.

• Get Fruit crush Boosters

• Get +5 Moves

• Get Coins and more

★ Fruits Mania Hayk's - Coins Shop: 💰

Out of coins? No worries!

There are flexible options to buy additional coins which are as follow;

• Visit coins shop and choose from users’ value or best values options or

• Watch a Video to get free coins

★ Fruit Mania Hayk's - Conclusion: 🗒️

We are quite hopeful that you will have a great fun playing this Fruit Mania game free. This game is developed with love and to provide you best experience with huge no of levels and engaging overall gameplay. Download it today and challenge your fruit crushing skills.

★ We Love Your Feedback: 🗯️

Enough talk about our fruit buster game now its your turn to install it, play it and share your feedback. Also don’t forget to share with your FNFs who also have interest to connect the candy fruits for a blasting fruit splash. 🍓 🔮

Thanks, and Good Luck! 😊



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